The phur Mission
is a simple one - to create an elegant photograph of your forever friend.

Comfort of Home
Cats, dogs, and other non human animals who commonly reside with us often have a different idea of a good time, and their enjoyment of any given situation can be dependent on their familiarity of the environment they are in.  New sights, sounds and smells can be more stressful for them than enjoyable.  A few hours on a phur photoshoot should be a positive experience for everyone involved.  This is why I prefer to create my work in the comfort of your forever friend's happy place.  A small backdrop, a couple of lights and reflector cards are easily, and quickly set up in your home to create a suitable studio environment that has all of the sights and smells your forever friend is accustomed to.  This reduces the stress your friend may otherwise experience in an off-site studio location.  There is no need to package your friend in a cat carrier or dog kennel and drive them to a new space for which they will need time to adapt.  The shoot is done in the comfort of your own home.    

Quality Fine Art Prints
Following the shoot, the images are edited and the finals are uploaded to a private online gallery for you to choose from.  Once you've selected the image(s) you like, and have selected your preferred finish and format, a final print is made in one of the leading photographic labs in Canada.  The final piece can be printed on high quality glossy or matte photo paper, or on other media ranging from canvas to metallic paper to achieve a final product you will love.  Multiple images may be chosen for a single print to create an interesting layout, and several design options such as saturated colour, black & white, or even something inspired by Warhol are available to custom create a final piece of artwork that suits your lifestyle.  I enjoy entertaining any creative challenge you would like to explore with me.    




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