Have you ever spent an afternoon with Gary Busey?  Trevor has.  After decades of bowing to the eccentricities of the world's most famous, often unstable, celebrity figures as an entertainment news photographer, Trevor has decided he would much rather make photographs of non-human animals.

With his love of all creatures, his vegetarianism, and his commitment to our environment, Trevor's mother often told him he was well suited to a life working with non-human animals.  Squeemish around needles, and too emotional to make the hard decisions veterinarians are faced with, he took her advice the only way he knew how.  He turned his camera  to photographing our forever friends in an effort to explore this side of his self and his craft.  

Trevor strives to avoid using the word "pet."  It's a word that implies an ownership that sits uncomfortably with him.  Forever Friend is the term he prefers to better describe the bond one shares with one's non-human animal companion and offers him or her the love & respect he or she deserves.   Custom portrait photography by Trevor Weeks is an excellent echo of that sentiment for you or as a gift for a loved one.

Trevor is a graduate of Ryerson School of Image Arts and his work has been seen in The Toronto Star, Eye Weekly, Now Magazine, Exclaim!, The National Post, Metro, 24 Hours, CBC, Bold Television, Greenpeace.org as well as many other domestic and international publications and websites.  Over the last two decades Trevor has worked in dozens of countries around the world and has worked directly with hundreds of celebrity humans ranging in diversity from Richard Simmons to Gene Simmons, Pamela Anderson to Margret Atwood.

Trevor lives in South Western Ontario with his wife Melanie, and three cats Missy, Pekoe, & Squishy.

More of Trevor's work can be viewed at trevorweeks.com

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Trevor Weeks thoroughly enjoying The Plain of Jars, Laos.

Trevor Weeks thoroughly enjoying The Plain of Jars, Laos.